Bitcoin for backpage and cracker

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12 thoughts on “Bitcoin for backpage and cracker

  1. Coin Loft (@CoinLoftAU)

    Great guide Corrine.

    Thanks for referencing us already in your guide, that was nice to see.

    It has certainly been a challenge for new users coming to terms with bitcoin. Coin Loft have helped many Aussies in the last week or so to purchase bitcoin, it has made us realise just how confusing it can be.

    With some help from our backpage customers, we have created a couple of user guides targeted at new users, these can be found on our website as below.

    Coin Loft
    Bitcoin Guide
    Wallet Guide

    We welcome you to the bitcoin community, we are always after feedback to help our customers so let us know if we can be of assistance.

    Coin Loft

  2. Gia Domo

    This is wonderful information. Thank you so much for posting. I advertise on backpage and still can’t believe the news about MasterCard and Visa. I’ve never used Bitcoin but I have done a lot of research and I’m extremely reluctant to use it due to security issues. Other than backpage ads being paid with money orders or Bitcoin, does anyone think another alternative will be considered?

  3. aboutcorrine

    Yes, if you aren’t comfortable with bitcoin you are right not to use it. I’ve heard backpage is looking at other payment processors but in the meantime it is free to post ads.

  4. missvelvetrex

    great guide.

    Spoke on the phone to someone at Paxful and they walked me through the whole thing step by step. I bought my first $20 worth of bitcoin and managed to boost a few ads right away.

    It was frustrating at first when I couldn’t use my debit but they explained everything and were so patient. It’s easy after the first time. The nice man in Paxful said they were working with BackPage to make it easier. Stick with it , it does work.

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