Short notice and bad texts

As you all know I currently require a fair bit  of notice (I actually think it’s not much but the outrage it brings makes me think that others feel differently) for a booking. At the moment I need at a minimum to know before 6pm the day before. However I can take limited short notice outcalls but I choose not to. Why? Because I feel like I’m encouraging/condoning the practice of really bad text messaging, in my experience the quality of the booking request goes down with the a) the decrease in amount of notice given and b) the time of night the request is sent. Mathematically this would be expressed as

Q = (x·h)+1/(y·n²)


Q = quality of booking request,

h = absolute difference between 12 noon and time request was sent in hours,

n = notice given in hours

x,y = variables

So what constitutes a ‘bad’ text message? I shall give some instructive examples

  • Out tonight [hotel name] how much?

Where is hello or hi or some acknowledgement that I am a human? What is your name, how do I address you? As for how much MY PRICES ARE LISTED IN THE SAME PLACE YOU GOT MY NUMBER FROM, if you are expecting a special rate because you are special I will add a special person surcharge. Also in this place that has my phone number and prices it will have said I don’t do same day bookings. I have set a boundary and you have chosen to ignore it, this doesn’t give me any confidence that you will respect any other boundaries within the booking. If we ignore all of that I now have to engage in a back and forth to try and work out what type of booking you want and how long you would like to a) tell you when I can fit it into my schedule and b) give you the price as different types of bookings have different rates.

  • Text me baby

Sigh. Unless you have paid me for my time I will not engage in conversations for gratification outside a booking. This includes by text, email, phone call, twitter. I love conversations and chit chat but I am a paid service.

  • Hi r u free

See above for treating me like a human. The details I need are when, where, what, how long and who.

  • Hello Corrine. How would I massage you and have some fun for 30 minutes for an outcall tonight?

I don’t know, how will you massage me? What do you mean? Please read before hitting send to see if your message is coherent.

So what does a good message look like? I’ve tweeted this a couple of times…

Hi Corrine I’d like to arrange a [number] hour [type] booking on [date] at [time], I’d also like [description]. Thanks [name]

[type] would be the type of booking, massage or full service or GFE for example. [description] could be if you would like something in particular like red lingerie, nuru massage, specific acts or fetishes. If you don’t have anything specific you’d really like that’s fine too.

Notable exceptions to the above are if you have trouble with writing English, for example you have literacy problems, English isn’t your first language or you have problems with fine motor control that make typing difficult. Please say if this is the case! I’ll understand I promise but if you don’t say I can only go off what you have written.


Business travel

I travel a bit, for work and pleasure, and have picked up some tips on the way. Thought I’d share them.

  • Powerpoints in hotel rooms are generally hidden behind the bedhead or there is not enough of them. Take a powerboard so you can have all your things charging (also good for when you are holed up in an airport). If you are travelling overseas this means you only need to take one plug adapter too. Consider also taking a short extension lead to make plugging things in behind bedheads even easier.
  • Take a spare phone. It’s not just sex workers who have business and private phones and the amount of times having a spare phone as a backup, when you have accidentally dropped your good one in a pool for example, that’s kept me contactable has been a godsend. Also handy when travelling overseas to put your local sim card in.
  • If you are travelling with laptops and smartphones you should have a VPN. Get one that allows multiple devices on the one account so you can use it on all your phones, tablets and laptops. Don’t ever use free, cafe or hotel wifi for sensitive, personal or work stuff without it on. Also good for watching local online TV, Netflix etc while overseas or overseas shows while here.
  • Sleep. You can’t function well at work without it and not getting enough will ruin your holiday. Invest in a good padded eye mask (the padded ones lift them away from your eyelids and are so much more comfortable). Light triggers brain hormones to wake you up and you can’t rely on an unfamiliar hotel room to be dark. Good for planes too. Also experiment with different travel pillows. Personally I find those U shaped neck pillows useless for most situations, my current favorite is a small square one that can be converted to U shape if needs be but is perfect for making a hard seat softer, snuggling into on a plane, cushioning a window to lean your head against, being a comfortable bed pillow if the hotel ones suck and a good prop for tablets or laptops. I even use it at home! Well worth finding one that suits you.
  • Active noise cancelling headphones for plane travel. Don’t muck around, just get them. I use them for even the shortest domestic flights. It’s amazing how draining being in a loud metal tube hurtling through the air can be, remove the droning background noise and feel the difference. Added benefit is being able to pretend you can’t hear the chatty person next to you that wants to share the life stories of all their cats.
  • Nasal sprays for flights really do help. You are sitting in close proximity to people with all manner of colds and flu, in incredibly dry air that dries out your sinuses and makes them more susceptible to picking up all those head colds. Keep those sinuses moist and flush out those bugs.
  • If you are travelling long haul get a massage before you go, you will be cramped up for a long time and you don’t want to be sitting with your knees next to your chin because the person in front has the seat all the way back and the people either side of you are invading your armrest territory whilst you have a sore back. (Also don’t be those people).
  • Food and exercise. It’s easy to do too much of the former and too little of the latter when you are jammed up in boarding gates and hotel rooms. Learn how to prepare simple yummy food in a hotel room with no kitchen, it can be done! Get a prepackaged undressed salad for example and add a boiled egg (you can boil eggs in the kettle didn’t you know). Take a yoga workout video on your mobile device, you can do this in your hotel room and stretching is really good. Use the hotel gym, yes it’ll be crap but you’ll feel better.
  • If you can fly with just carry on luggage do it. You’ll be the first to the taxi rank while the other schmucks are waiting for their bags. It’s not that hard to do, practice packing and be ruthless. Everything needs to have double or triple purpose, for example a good smartphone can replace many things for a couple of weeks. Yes really! I’ve edited spreadsheets, made porny videos, updated pdf’s, maintained websites with mine and it’s also my camera. Use the lightest bag you can find (you’ll only have 7-10kg to play with) and the biggest bag in all dimensions that meets the strictest size limits on your flights. Sometimes you can be lucky and get away with being over but more airlines are checking now (Jetstar even tags your carry on) and you don’t want to have to check it at the desk. If you are flying longhaul have a smaller light bag inside that has essentials you’ll want during the flight (nasal spray, headphones, book etc) and once onboard take it out and put it under the seat in front, the main bag goes overhead.
  • If you are travelling for work find some way of connecting with home. Phone, email, skype your friends. Read your local news online.
  • Get out and enjoy the places you are in!

Thoughts on censorship and decency

So, a thing happened and I am using my blog to put my thoughts down. Because it’s interesting and complex and jumbled and maybe this will give it some structure. But anyone who has tried to have a conversation with me will know of my rambling thought processes 🙂

The thing is OpenBazaar. It’s a concept I will admit to not having delved into the intricacies of, it’s in development and there is only so many hours in my day, but it excited me and I was keen for it to come to fruition (so I could use it!). Broadly it is an unrestricted marketplace. Specifically it is a peer to peer network. There is no website to buy things from and therefore no one runs it, regulates it or is profiting from it. A decentralised marketplace. I’ll touch on why, as a sex worker, I think this is a really interesting concept later.

Actually the thing that happened was BazaarBay. As I said OpenBazaar isn’t a website, it’s not like eBay, backpage or Gumtree where you can go and look at a site of things for sale, you need to be on the network to do that. However BazaarBay is a separate site that pulls listings to a website.

The thing happened on twitter, Place of Brief Miscommunications. A retweet landed in my feed, expressing displeasure at OB so I took a glance. OB had retweeted about BB being populated with content from OB. Problem was, on the front of this page for all the world to see, was a Woman For Sale, and for a little more you could buy a Woman On A Horse. I was offended that this was promoted and also a source of pride for both. I believe I used the term fuckwits. Abuse came back. I tried to explain I was offended by something that was in public space. I was told there was no control over this and I shouldn’t get upset with OB. And then I get blocked by them so there goes me advertising on there, or recommending it, when it is running in a finished sense.

I have issues and conflicts. Issues are that as a sex worker it is commonly assumed that I am commodified. ‘Prostituted woman’, ‘selling her body’ are routinely used in media and society and are so far from the truth I can’t even. These phrases imply that I am not considered a person by someone who is selling or controlling me, or by someone buying me. Nobody can buy ‘me’, they buy my time and expertise and this is EXACTLY the same situation when I work as a consultant. And people may market me, advertise me, promote me but they do not own or control me. I have free will. I routinely say no. I routinely say that is not acceptable. It is not a frivolity, these concepts are the very ones that are used to drive some incredibly dangerous legislative settings that are announced as being designed to save me but at their core, and based on the assumption that no one would ever in their right mind chose this career, they are aiming to jail, send us to reeducation camps (I shit you not), take children away, remove access to accommodation etc etc until the ‘choice’ is made to get a proper job like sewing (again I shit you not). So to have a Woman For Sale is not funny, or lighthearted. That an individual though it was acceptable says a lot about their attitudes. That an organisation didn’t even notice it in publicity is deplorable.

Another issue I have is censorship. This is the aspect I love about OB. Everywhere I go as a sex worker, in the real and virtual worlds, I have to self censor or am blocked from entering just on the basis of my work. I’ve written before about banking/financial institutions that refuse me, website and platform hosts and regulators delete me, late night radio shows run content warnings that go for longer than my non-explicit interviews, insurance companies require intimate and extensive details if they will cover me at all (and if you are thinking that sounds fair, it’s a disease risk no it’s bloody not, I have mentioned before that sex workers have the same, if not lower, rates of STI’s than the general population). People are offended by my existence. I have a fake name and lie to my friends and family to protect them from the religious and feminist attacks. So the idea of another space where I can advertise and sell products is great. It’s not just convenient, it’s a feeling that there is a part of the world that doesn’t assume I am a disease ridden vector and a cause for the downfall of decent society and says yep you can be here just like anyone else. That’s how an uncensored space impacts me at a personal level. But, and here is the but, we do not exist in a bubble. I feel it’s important to be aware and respectful of the people who are in the space with me. I recognise that I offend people just by being, my twitter profile is restricted access even though I rarely post anything more explicit than nipples because this is the world I exist in and offending people inadvertently is not nice. Putting a Woman For Sale into a public space, and it not even registering with anyone at any level that this will upset people is not OK. I actually think it’s the blase attitude that was the most offensive thing. The standard that you walk past is the standard you accept.

Another issue is that, and yes I reacted rudely, a platform that is a free for all will have inappropriate, offensive and illegal things listed. People will get upset. You can throw your hands in the air and say but it’s not me, I have no control over it, all you like but it is something you are going to have to deal with. What happens when people start posting snuff films or child pornography? The backlash will get loud.

And another issue (told you I had a few) is if it is decided that some things aren’t appropriate or OK and some things are where is that line? Back to my life and the selling of women. I think human trafficking is a great example. Horrible, awful, deplorable. definitely not OK, right? Yes, agreed. But did you know I fall within some definitions and markers for being a sex trafficked person? True, but I’m not. I’ve checked. There’s no pimps here (and the pimps thing is another language problem. Sure abusive controlling people exist and so do peoples landlords, children and partners who may be described as pimps in some settings). In some locations I would be arrested under trafficking laws. So clearly this line dividing right and wrong is squiggly, or opaque, or so broad as to be problematic. What’s right to me could be wrong to you and used by a third party to mislead a fourth. There’s no way of saying these things are OK 100% and these things are not. You can’t tick a yes/no box on most of this stuff.

BB is a good thing (and technologically a marvel) and when the human elements are at least talked it will be a great thing. And I feel like human elements never get talked about much in many spheres like media, politics, industry etc. It’d be awesome if on top of a being a technology, liberation leader individual limits could be respected as well.


I’m writing this partly so I’ll have this link saved so I can just point to it in future.
Have you ever heard women being referred to as females? Happens all the time and it’s like fingernails on a blackboard to me (although if it happens in conversation I usually just inwardly wince and let it go). You’ll see headlines like “35 killer songs to remind you females are as strong as hell” (Mashable) and sound grabs like “she’s a hot female” (Celebrity Apprentice TV ad, but admittedly that was from the big brother doofus).
I’d never been able to clearly articulate why this grated with me but I saw this link on twitter and it’s perfect, please read 6 reasons you should stop calling women females

Corrine’s Guide to Technical Gadget Repair

This, in my experience, works across a wide range of equipment, computers, gadgets, tech stuff etc.

Take the malfunctioning piece of equipment. Buy a replacement in the same make and model. As soon as payment has been confirmed the original item will be now working perfectly.

Hope this helps. In related news I may have a spare Pebble smart watch for sale 🙂

Long indulgences

You might have noticed I have a new type of booking, the long indulgent relaxation booking. I’ll explain here in more detail what it is.

I’m avoiding using the word massage as much as possible so there is no confusing it with a therapeutic massage, a sports massage or a rub and tug. It has elements of a relaxation massage and a rub and tug but it is completely different and stands alone.

So what is it then? It is all about sensation play. If you are familiar with the term in the BDSM/kink context you are heading in the right direction but for all my vanilla friends please don’t let talk of BDSM scare you, it is the most delicious erotic thing (I should write something on how BDSM is not always synonymous with pain but that is another thing for another day). In fact this version of sensation play is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum and uses extremely pleasurable sensations to take you into a euphoric state. Some of your senses I will calm, you will be blindfolded, restrained and wearing noise isolating headphones* but your sense of touch and eroticism will be increased and relaxed, over and over again. I will play with your skin and genitals like an angel playing a harp until eventually, finally I will let you reach a euphoric release.

It is very slow and delicious, you will lose all sense of time and the world will melt away. If you are familiar with the concept of subspace in BDSM (not maths! that’s a different subspace!) this will invoke a similar but perhaps lighter feeling of mental separation. It may take you a little while to be able to come back into this world and open your eyes, so I will be there to help.

To answer a few common questions it can’t be done in less than 2 hours because rushing would completely undermine the experience and no I still can’t give a therapeutic massage and fix your gammy hamstrings 🙂

*If you have an interest in ASMR I can incorporate some ASMR sounds if you like

Outcalls preferred

Just a quick note to say outcalls are now my preference in Hobart and so I have reduced my Hobart outcall rates a little. I’ll need a minimum of 24 hours notice for incalls. And remember if you pay by bitcoin you get a discount!

Special offer

I have special offers from time to time, while I was in Melbourne I had a really fun one. So that Hobart and Tasmania don’t miss out here is a locally based one.

If you would like a lovely companion to either Saffire or Pumphouse Point pay for 1-2 hours and my travel and meals and I will throw in a social overnight for free.

Bitcoin for clients

Clients guide to… Paying Corrine with Bitcoin


I highly advise reading at a minimum. Also understand there are risks associated with using Bitcoin. Further information at in particular the Security and disadvantages sections

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a type of currency that is virtual, you might hear it called cryptocurrency. Think of it as internet money. You can’t hold it in your hand or stuff it under your actual mattress but it works online on sites that are set up to take Bitcoin like any other money.

“Bitcoin is a digital currency, meaning it’s money controlled and stored entirely by computers spread across the internet”

“Bitcoin isn’t just a currency, like dollars or euros or yen. It’s a way of making payments, like PayPal or the Visa credit card network. It lets you hold money, but it also lets you spend it and trade it and move it from place to place, almost as cheaply and easily as you’d send an email.”

For more details try

Getting bitcoin

Opening a Bitcoin account

If you own Bitcoins you will have a private key which is like an weird looking internet address that’s a register of your bitcoins. You’ll need a program called a wallet to manage your private keys and bitcoins.

“As with paper money, you can save Bitcoins in a wallet, which stores the public and private keys needed to identify the Bitcoins and execute a transaction. These can be digital wallets that exist in secure cloud environments or on a computer, or they can take physical form. If a wallet is hacked or you lose your private Bitcoin key, you no longer have access to that Bitcoin. Possession of the public address and private key amounts to possession of the Bitcoin.”

There are many excellent wallets for smartphones, desktops and web access. For a good list try I’m going to suggest for desktops/web applications (note that web based may potentially be less secure)

and for smartphones

but check out the options and find something you are comfortable with. And as always READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS! I haven’t gone over all of them yet and they may change.

*Update: check closely that your wallet doesn’t have anti-sexworkers policies. Paxful and Coin Cafe should be avoided.

Buying bitcoin

Generally speaking Bitcoin wallets will let you transfer money from your bank account to your wallet. Note that to use your wallet with a bank account you will most likely need to meet identity verification requirement for example, essentially government issued photo ID and a statement showing your full name and current residential address and it could take a few days to process. My personal preference for ease of use in Australia is Coinjar. If you don’t want to do this see below for buying bitcoin with cash.

Cash options

It is possible to buy Bitcoins without a bank account or without linking your wallet to a bank account. WARNING! Be careful with who you trade with. Check reputations and avoid scams.

Bitcoin Australia take payments for bitcoin by creating an order online and then doing an over the counter bank deposit at any Commonwealth, ANZ, Westpac or NAB bank branch.This has proven to be a useful option.

Local bitcoins is a marketplace for trading bitcoins locally for cash or online payments of your choice, you can search by location and see who will accept cash or over the counter bank deposit. Please read for security information.

Bitcoin ATM’s exist as well but there are not many of them. Try (requires government ID even for cash) and or for an ATM search.

For more information on buying bitcoins try

Paying with Bitcoin

When you make a booking you can request to pay in Bitcoin in advance or on arrival, and if I am touring and asking for deposits you can pay using Bitcoin for this too (or I have a very easy BPay option for deposits, please don’t feel obligated to use Bitcoin). If you are paying in advance or paying a deposit I will send a QR code and a wallet address by email, SMS or Twitter DM. QR codes ( can be easily scanned by mobile apps or you can use the wallet address directly with your wallet application. If you are paying on arrival having a smartphone based wallet that can scan a QR Code will be simplest. (For anyone interested in the nuts and bolts I would prefer 4-6 confirmations for payments on arrival however this should be completed by the completion of the booking.)

Sending a Bitcoin Payment

To send a Bitcoin payment, the first thing you will want to do is open your wallet. There are many different Bitcoin wallets out there today, so we’ll stay way from the specifics of where you can find each button during the “send payment” process. There should be a tab for sending payments in your wallet, so navigate to that section of your wallet to begin. Once you’re in the “send” section of your wallet, you will be asked to provide a Bitcoin address and an amount. If your friend has sent you a Bitcoin address, you can simply copy and paste it into the address box. Before entering the amount for the payment, make sure to check the unit name next to the box. Some wallets will use full bitcoins, while others can use bits or millibits. Most online wallets will allow you to enter an amount in US dollars or euros if needed, so don’t hesitate to use that feature as well. Once you’ve entered the required info into the two boxes, you can then send the payment.

QR Codes

Instead of typing in a long Bitcoin address, you can also use QR codes to speed up the process. When you scan a QR code with your smartphone, the details of a transaction will instantly be placed into the various “send” fields of your Bitcoin wallet. This is especially useful when shopping with your smartphone. While you’re going through the checkout process, a QR code will usually be displayed on your computer or a merchant’s POS device. All you have to do is scan the QR code and press “send” to complete the payment.

Evolving to simplicity

You all know how I love a good podcast 🙂 Radiolab did a GREAT episode recently that has recently struck a chord with me called Shrink. It is a really interesting discussion on new viruses (biological not the electronic type), that may not be viruses, and why they haven’t been found before. But even more interesting, to me, is that these new viruses are giving rise to a theory that evolution may go backwards. That is to evolve towards simplicity as well as evolving towards complexity. I love this idea because in my own life I have been evolving towards simplicity in a fashion. Simpler life, less stress, focusing only on a few things and it’s great that science agrees with me!

Ashley Madison hack

If you hadn’t heard of Ashley Madison (AM) before this week you most likely would have by now. (If you really don’t know it is a dating website for married people looking to have an affair, and that is how it is marketed. It has been in the news because it’s customer database has been hacked and released after the hackers demands weren’t met).

A few thoughts… (I’m being a poor blogger and not linking to sources and references. Motherboard, Vice, The Verge, Boing Boing, Gizmodo, practically every blog/newspaper/opinion writer has written in detail, let Google be your friend)

Customers names, emails, credit card details, sexual preferences were released. It was possible to pay AM a small fee to have your profile removed, however it was not deleted from their database and was still leaked. NEVER use your real name, work email, government email, credit card on a website that you would now, or ever, not want to be made public. And never trust that things will be removed, they won’t. Use a fake email and prepaid anonymous debit card at a minimum.

If you have searched the data for email addresses of friends, family, Barak Obama, whoever keep in mind that AM did not require validation of email addresses on sign up. This means that anyone could sign up using anyone else’s email address without their knowledge.

There was actually TWO websites owned by the same company that were hacked, AM and Established Gentlemen. A third site owned by them was not. The unhacked site was called Couger Life, aimed at finding mature laydeez. Established Gentlemen is essentially a sugar daddy site and was of more concern to the hackers than AM because they felt it was a front for “prostitution/trafficking”. NEVER assume that nerds, geeks, hackers will not have your free choice in their interests and they won’t fall into the sex with benefits must be trafficking mythology. And ALWAYS assume that nerds, geeks and hackers (I’m lazily lumping them in together but they are not necessarily equivalent terms) are incredibly smart and talented.

How I spend my time

I’ve been going through my numbers and decided to put together something that gives an idea of what goes into an average booking from my perspective. Mainly because I like playing with numbers and partly so I have something to point to when I am told I have an easy job and it’s easy money 🙂

This graphic is to scale and gives an idea of the length of time I spend on things to make the average booking happen.

Average booking time

I’m back

I’m back! I had a little holiday, clear in the opposite side of the globe with a very dear friend. Disconnected, recharged and fed my soul some very fine food. I feel a million dollars now! Apart from my stomach, which is still jetlagged and makes me get up at 3am and feed it toast before it lets me sleep again!


It’s holiday time! Hobart I’ll be back in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime here’s my international travel bucket list. It’s not getting any shorter!

  • North Korea
  • Iran, Turkmenistan, Khazakastan, Uzbekistan
  • Oman and Yemen (although not the latter just at the moment!)
  • Siberia
  • Iceland
  • Vietnam (how have I not been here??)
  • Serbia/Croatia

South America I need to add but this would do for the time being 🙂

Addendum: it has be pointed out to me I aspire to travel to some not usual places. This is true. Last weekends newspaper had a piece that quoted Bill Bryson on the childlike wonder of being somewhere where you are ignorant of almost everything and I like it. Not only do I try to push my boundaries and expand my knowledge but I cut out a lot of what makes me an adult, which makes me notice what I really value about myself when I come back.

Suddenly you are five years old again.

You can’t read anything, you only have a rudimentary sense of how things work, you can’t even reliably cross a street without endangering your life.

Your whole existence becomes a series of interesting guesses.

Bill Bryson, Neither Here Nor There: Travels in Europe (via The Mercury).

Members site

Exciting news! Time to put your party pants on people. I have a new website!! This one is still the main place for all things Corrine, the new one is a members site.  On it there will be exclusive photos, advance notice of tours before I advertise them, messaging, videos, and (drum roll) LIVE WEBCAM SHOWS! You may know Corrine started out camming* and I’m so excited to be able to go back to it in my own space and on my own terms. If you have dived into the webcam world you’ll know it’s generally based on a $/minute or tips payment system which I find incredibly tedious and not at all conducive to relaxing seduction. My site will be a paid membership, so you can join in the fun when you feel like it for as long as you like. If you can’t make it to a live show they will be recorded (only my camera is recorded, I can’t see yours) so you can watch it later. The content will be a wide range from chatty to sexy to fetish.

Shut up woman and tell us the address?? Haha ok it’s

Some helpful tips:

  • Payment is by credit card. If this worries you (and I understand!) the best option is to buy a single use Visa card from Woolworths or a reloadable Visa from Woolworths or Australia Post. All of these options let you load cash onto a credit card in their stores. The single use ones are a one time purchase; buy it, put an amount of money on it, and when you have spent all that money it is dead. The reloadable versions allow you to go back to any of their stores and use cash or another card to add more credit. If you want you can log in online and register them to allow you to transfer money from your bank account to the card. I highly recommend using these cards for any kind of online shopping anyway. If my mum can work them out so can you 🙂
  • If you use your normal accounts it will show on your statement as something like ‘Centro Services’ or ‘’ certainly nothing adult.
  • Membership is a recurring monthly payment, if you take advantage of my cheap introduction price it will revert to a monthly payment. You can cancel at any time, just scroll to the very bottom of my site, select billing support and this will bring up a page with a big button to cancel membership.
  • If you get stuck with anything on the website the support team are FANTASTIC! (I’ve used them several times myself) or you can ask me and I’ll see what I can do.

*Lingo definition – camming, webcamming, camgirl all refer to live videos of lovely people doing sexy things on the internet


Hi (I never know how to start a blog post. Do I say hi to my blog or to you, the reader? It is a question that I spend milliseconds on)

Thought I’d share some links and pictures that I have used for inspiration when I’m thinking of erotic things. And just for my own erotic enjoyment.

These aren’t my photos nor are they of me, I’ve tried to find a link to the original artist wherever I can.

IMG_4294 tumblr_lrmoauIiHe1qbujxso1_1280

tumblr_lxllvlt2mP1qa4bk9o1_1280 I think this photographer was Alexandre Bertin


tumblr_m6bo30OcqS1qa4bk9o1_1280 From geekypornygirl, photographer apparently was Vivienne Mok (check her out, gorgeous photography!)

Also NSFWORLD is sometimes excellent


ANZAC day, worthy of remembrance without question. But please don’t glorify war. Remember the lost lives, the broken families, shattered communities. Mothers lost their sons. Society lost a generation. Those that made it back had a story so harrowing that they couldn’t tell it. And it’s not just Australians, Turkey lost more. And it’s not just that war. In WWII, Vietnam, Malaysia, civil wars, skirmishes, peace keeping missions, crisis’s, coups, rebellions, occupations soldiers were sent out not to fight those in front of them, but to protect those behind them*. We are talking about lives, both military and civilian. For gods sake don’t let that be used as a marketing mechanism to sell fresh fruit or tea towels. Or to justify a political regime that gets its power by keeping us scared.

I will spend ANZAC day remembering my maternal grandfather who lost all 5 of his siblings in WWI and my paternal grandfather who came back from WWII broken. I will also be thankful for our past and present armed services and I will do my best to keep the politicians who give you your orders honest.

*Apologies to G.K. Chesterton

Data retention

Corrines Guide to Avoiding Being Caught Up By Data Retention If You Are A Client of a Sexworker

Note: This is NOT a guide to staying completely anonymous online, avoiding being hacked, avoiding being monitored or avoiding the five eyes network. I HIGHLY and STRONGLY recommend getting further advice if you are now or in the future may be or become related to a public figure, government or religious official or a whistleblower.  

Also note: this is my opinion and not an unbiased view. Clearly I think the Bill and all who voted for it are slimy douche canoes and it has absolutely nothing to do with fighting terrorism. Also if you are unsure please read the references at the bottom, the GetUp one is a very good guide.

This is how the metatdata retention bill (officially the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) bill 2014) applies to my clients and if it is of concern to you how to avoid it. Also note that this is not circumventing the law (in fact Turnbull has described a lot of this in an interview but don’t ask Brandis to try and explain it) or doing anything highly technical.

What is it? Surveillance of communication data (phone calls, texts, emails, online messages etc) which will be stored for 2 years by phone and internet providers. Their track record in keeping this secure is not ideal, and they haven’t had to keep this data before in many cases. This data will be able to be accessed by some government agencies without warrant. Let me repeat that. WITHOUT WARRANT. Already it is possible for some agencies to get access to the limited information from telcos without a warrant but the data set is being expanded and it is being kept for much longer. And don’t think they won’t go at it like ants in honey, even with the limited data available now the telecommunications regulator reported 580,000 warrantless demands in the last financial year. It is such a potential data mine that it has been recognised as a honeypot for hackers and criminals.

More specifically the data kept would be subscriber or account holder details, the source and destination of a communication, date, time and duration of communication, location and what services was used e.g. voice, SMS, social media, and the type of delivery services (ADSL, Wi-Fi, VoIP, cable, etc). The data that is of relevance to clients would be anything that could identify you having contacted a sex worker by phone call, text message, messaging service, email and so on. The bits of info being captured by this Bill is not the content but as many have pointed out this is not always needed. If your phones data showed your location as being on a bridge and said you called the Lifeline phone number do you really need to know what was being talked about? Likewise if your records show that you have phoned me on my work number we probably aren’t having a lovely tete-a-tete about fabulous Hobart restaurants. Well, we may have been but the assumption will automatically be made. If at any point in the next two years being associated with a sex worker might risk your career or social standing then this applies to you.

The data is not captured along the way but at the endpoints. There are others who can hack their way into your data between the endpoints and that’s what my disclaimer at the top is about (it’s well beyond the scope of this post to keep illegal access out, let’s just focus on the government approved and legislated for now). The data retention Bill loophole is that the data is only required to be captured by the Bill “if the person operating the service owns or operates, in Australia, infrastructure that enables the provision of any of its relevant services”. It’s the “in Australia” bit that lets us get around it. Here’s the main communication methods and their work arounds.

  • Landline phone calls – use a payphone or Skype.
  • Mobile phone calls – use Skype, Facetime or Viber
  • Mobile text messages – use WhatsApp, Viber, Wickr, Telegram or Skype
  • Email – use Gmail, Hotmail/Live, Yahoo mail or any other host that is based overseas
  • Social media – (my personal opinion is that Facebook’s policies and security are atrocious and I won’t touch it for that reason) but the data retention scheme won’t be able to tell who you’re messaging on Facebook messenger and Twitter direct messages.

Please also keep in mind that while you might keep your data out of the governments hands both ends of the communication chain are effectively captured. So if you use Gmail and the person you’re contacting uses an Australian based email provider, say Telstra, then it will still be known that that person was emailed by you. I believe if you use Skype to call a mobile or landline this might apply too. Spread the word and try and find out the situation at the other end before you trust communicating with them.

I already do this, plus a LOT more but I will also be using WhatsApp for those who prefer it to text messages. Your privacy is important to me. I’ll be dammed if I’ll let a government record my every move so that it might be used against us at some future point that is not relevant to us today.


Crikey, Your guide to the data retention debate: what it is and why it’s bad

The Australian, How to beat metadata retention laws

Gizmodo, Data retention: It’s not the data that matters, it’s who you can be connected with

GetUp, Go dark against data retention


Lunch dates

Hobart (and Tas) equals great food, don’t you think? It’s something I really enjoy about this town, talented people using local fresh produce in exciting ways. And so I am now doing lunch dates at my place! I won’t cook for you (that’s probably a little bit too experimental haha) but I will source the makings of a lovely meal from local foodies. I’m thinking along the lines of Jackman & McRoss, Bruny Island cheese, Wursthaus, Sush suhi, Pilgrim, Tasmanian Quartermasters, Ethos Providore and so on. I’ll need at least 24 hours notice so I have time to go shopping, let me know what your tastes are and I’ll get something nice along the lines of a ploghmans lunch, charcturie plate, sushi, or a gorgeous hearty soup for winter.

If you only have a short lunch break this means you’ll get to see me for eaither a short full booking or a massage and still have time for lunch. Nourishing and time efficient, it’s a win-win 🙂

Unpacking some assumptions

This is a mish mash of many things.

I had a really lovely time in Adelaide and Melbourne. Lovely people, lots of fun, came home with a huge smile on my face and spirits uplifted. Since I’ve been back in Hobart the number of texts, voicemails and emails that I choose to ignore seems to have skyrocketed. I’m not sure if clients on the mainland were so easy to communicate with that now I’m back I’m noticing the bad* ones more or if Hobart has really let its standards slip. (Having said that my regular clients you are all as delightful as normal and there have been nice communications from people I haven’t met yet, it’s not all bad.) But I don’t know how many times I can say texts like ‘ru free?’ will not get you anywhere with me.

*To qualify bad does not necessarily equal dangerous, threatening or abusive. I generally mean annoying, rude, idiotic, disrespectful. But if anything gives me a bad feeling of course it gets ignored/blocked/cancelled too.

And then a gentleman had a little vent online with his frustrations with finding sex workers in Hobart and I thought I might unpack some of his comments. I don’t want to do this in a finger pointing, or laughing at his expense kind of way but maybe something we can use to understand things a bit better and help us all get what we want.

The post was put up on locanto, you can find it here if you like. There was a similarly themed post on Punters Planet which I assume was the same person but it is a members forum so I won’t link to it. I’ve copied the text from locanto below and added my comments.

First off I should explain the places to find an escort. Hobart is still very newspaper ad based so The Mercury’s classifieds is the starting point for many. My opinion is newspaper ads are a ridiculously expense form of advertising, what 3 lines (the minimum) costs for three days in the adult services section is the same as a months advertising on some paid online platforms. It also brings a plethora of annoyance to me and my clients. It’s impossible to give any context in 3 lines and it just leads to me fielding questions about everything under the sun, all of which is answered on my website, and leaves little time for anything else. The benefits of newspaper ads is if someone works irregularly or infrequently that can have an ad just on the days they are working. For clients who want a simple, quick service of the walk in, orgasm, leave variety it will work well for them. Simple online classified sites such as and are not sex work specific but they allow sex work ads. In locantos case they are mixed in with the personals. They are free and unmoderated and great for sex workers who like a high volume, low rate style of working or want somewhere free to advertise and control when and what region the ads are displayed. Sex work specific online advertising sites and directories such as (which I can’t recommend enough), and are paid sites and have photo verification, touring dates, detailed information, prices and everything you need to know. These are often used by sex workers who prefer a higher charge, lower volume way of working. Directories like and are somewhere in the middle. And there is always the ever reliable Google search as many of us have our own websites.

So here we go, I’ve marked my comments as C:

what the hell is going on with hobart hookers – 50 (hobart)

age : 50

So I have a motel at Battery Point, Sunday night, ready for action..
So I ring every escort in town,

C: Ringing is not always a workers preferred contact method. Also that must have taken a long time as there are many advertising at any given time.

from petite young asians to mature bbws.. All quoted rates very reasonable, thinking I’m going to make a reasonable business transaction.. Then I get the $80 + travelling fee, or $280 for a half hour, or no sorry I don’t travel you come to me

C: All business have expenses. Travelling fees are often charged. Some aren’t in a position to travel. Some aren’t in a position to offer incalls. If the conditions or prices don’t suit you, move on. Simple.

.. etc etc… Now I reckon $180/hour isn’t a bad rate?? on a Sunday night, hardly the Friday/ Saturday root fest..

C: $180/hour for full service incall in a capital city is very low, Sundays are no different to any other day and in my case are often busier than Saturdays. The term root fest isn’t necessary and it also assumes we all work a high volume business model. We don’t.

So do these women want to work? make a weeks wages in one night? willing to advance their business prospects?

C: Lets talk about this making a weeks wages in one night idea. According to the ABS the Full-time adult average weekly total earnings are $1539, before tax. Now if you are expecting a $180/hr rate then to make a weeks wages in one night them we would need to work 8.5 hours in that one night. Ok, sounds reasonable. But wait, we forgot expenses. My expenses, excluding tax, are conservatively around 17% of my gross income. So to get a taxable income of $1539 I would actually need to earn $1854 by working around 10.3 hours. Oh but this is assuming all my working hours are income earning. Simple practicalities such as showering, cleaning, restocking supplies and travel all have to happen in between each booking. Lets be conservative and say this is half an hour between clients (I can tell you it’s not as in addition to this as well clothing and makeup changes I also have to allow time for people turning up early or running late and having three meals a day is a nice luxury too but lets be conservative). So lets say each booking is an hour so I would be roughly doing 10 one hour bookings this night and they each have a 30 minute gap in between. Now I am working 14.5 hours in this one night. I’m sorry but you can bugger off. If you are expecting me to be seeing 9 other clients in this one night my ability to be a chatty, vibrant courtesan is going to be somewhat diminished. Now this is a long night but it’s only only night out of seven, suck it up princess you might say. Aah but there is more work to be done. I’m running a business and like any other there is advertising and marketing, which requires copy and photos to be updated. There are administrative tasks like budgets, bookwork and travel planning. And many of us maintain websites, social media and blogs which don’t write themselves. Let alone all the time and non taxable expenses I keep in maintaining my physical and mental health so I am an enjoyable companion. I allow at least one working day a week for admin which again is being conservative, so that brings it to 22 hours in this one night.

Also a quick comment on advancing my business. I won’t do this by offering a sub par service, which I certainly would end up doing if I was working ridiculously long hours. I think I’ll keep advancing my business as I have been.

And don’t get me started on the Locanto / Craigs list bullshit attempts to just appear to be normal horny women… Wake up hookers/ escorts and turn a decent dollar.. I’ll be telling all my contacts in NSW to get their cute reasonably priced arses down hear and demonstrate reasonable value for money..

C: We aren’t normal women? I’ll let that one speak for itself. All your contacts in NSW are reasonably priced? Good for them. Lets have a little think about market size. The population of greater Hobart was 211,656 and 48,703 in the City of Hobart in 2011. Again to be conservative lets use the population figures for Greater Hobart. According to this study 1.9% of men have paid for sex in the past year (I’m assuming clients are men because that is what most studies are based on and they are certainly the vast majority of clients). 81.8% of the population are over 15 (clients are over 18 of course but I’m just grabbing stats and this will be conservative) and men make up near enough to 50% of the population. This gives us 1644 adult male residents of greater Hobart who have paid for sex in the past year. I don’t have a statistic for how often these men would have paid for sex in the past year so let’s assume once a month is the norm. This gives us 19,728 paid sex transactions in a year which averages out to 54 a night. If by our previous calculations we are earning our weeks wage in one night by seeing 10 clients each that means there are only 5-6 people needed to be working on any given day to meet demand. Would your NSW friends think coming down is a good business proposition? But if they do come down tell them to let me know. We could go out for coffee.

Or perhaps no one down here actually pays for it?? Oh the troubles of being a tourist in a foreign state… I’m so confused and disappointed.. Jst going to have a good wank for 50 cents worth of lube.. stupid industry.. ggrrrrr.. signed mr money staying in my pocket…

Part 2: So I couldn’t resist, bit the bullet and hired a cute little taiwanese girl Alice.. $280 outcall.. as opposed to $180 incall.. Very pretty, first thing she says is “you been drinking”? Of course I had, spent half a day trying to find an escort and already rubbed one out

C: If you had been drinking and already masturbated your body might not have been primed for sensual pleasure. Just saying.

.. perhaps out of frustration?? Anyway.. then she asks me to cover her cab fare, $20 which I refused..

C: We’ve talked about expenses. Would you refuse to pay a tradies travel expense if they came to your house? Pay them or don’t hire that worker. It makes you look like a douche, sex workers do know other sex workers and we do talk to each other. We also let others know which clients to avoid so not appearing like a douche will be to your benefit in the future.

To be allowed to lick her (which is one thing I really enjoy) cost me another $50, part of which time she spent on her iphone checking in with the office..

C: If you had done your research and asked about extras this should have been no surprise to you. Also see above about the number of hours and time between clients. If you are paying less we have to see more clients. It’s simple maths. The only way to practically do this is to keep on top of bookings which will require us checking our phones. Pay more and we will have time so we don’t have to do that in a booking. You could be thankful she wasn’t alerting security as you were refusing to meet her terms (and I won’t go into detail here but consent in the sex work context is conditional on receiving payment. Non payment means no consent which means rape as has been proven in the Australian courts).  And we are never obligated to accept or to continue a booking. Because you are paying does not take away our right of refusal, common sense or self preservation. How do you know she is ‘checking in with the office’? This is suggesting she is employed as a sex worker by a third party. Think very carefully before accusing someone of conducting illegal activities.

She gave great deep throat in the hope I’d blow early.. Alas for her.. I held off.. finally she says 15 minutes.. Definitely charged from the moment she got out of the cab, not into my room.. Hoorah had a nice little 10 minute fuck..

C: She had been there a while and then she said 15 minutes left. Which by logic means her time with you had been greater than 15 minutes. But you are saying 10 minutes? Maths. Also yes, the clock generally starts on arrival.

Overall, I’ve never had a less into it,

C: Again see comments above about pricing and volume business models. The most tiring part of a booking can be the ‘being into it’ part and it is a very rare and special person who can reliably give you a ‘being into it’ experience while working long hours. If you wanted a connected, intimate experience you might want to consider allowing time and or dollars to accommodate this.

escort experience in my life.. Hobart.. you have been warned.. 3 out of 10 for overall experience and value for money.. Just wishing I’d had that wank I had planned and threatened.. Damn you overactive libido….
Signed: stupid, dumb, broke, bastard…

I hope this helps someone. And I also hope it helps my lovely clients understand that I enjoy their company and respect them. Or else I wouldn’t have them as clients, simple as that 🙂


I’m looking at buying a new bed and this is what it’s like buying a bed for work (or should I say fun) that in all likelihood will never be slept on.

I like tufted linen headboards (you know the ones with buttons) but keeping it clean would be impossible. In addition to body fluids there is silicon lube, massage oil, nuru gel and all manner of runny foodstuffs that would get on it.

It can’t be an ensemble base, because I keep lots of things like shoes and plastic for nuru massages under there, but needs to be crazy strong for obvious reasons. My current bed I modified with extra supports and grips to stop it sliding.

I like to have legs or posts that I can tie things to.

I don’t like having a footboard because it makes hanging legs or bodies over the end really uncomfortable.

I like it to be fairly high off the ground so it makes it easier to get on and off for people with limited mobility.

And because I am the ultimate in tight arses when it comes to spending money it can’t be $$$ haha.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality people! It’s 2015 and we are practically living like the Jetsons (apart from the jumpsuits, which frankly is a disappointment but I digress). I’m desperately waiting for the consumer model of the Oculus Rift to come out after having been talked out of buying a Dev kit last year but my patience is wearing thin and my fingernails are getting eaten down with anticipation. (As a side note this is why I don’t have a wish list of gifts for people to shower me with. In amongst the Louboutins, Lelos, Hitachis, Agent Provocateur et al there would be things like Oculus Rift, NAS drive, arduino kits and a capybara.)

Are you thoroughly confused and have no idea what I’m talking about? Yes, read this. No? skip this. The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset. It looks like you strapped a blacked out box to your face. They can sense what direction you are looking in and let you see in 3D whatever world/space/movie/game you have plonked yourself into. It is an immersive experience and most peoples brains are really tricked. Or you will get nausea and throw up. Life’s a lottery.

I’m sure I’ve blogged this before but I find videos of people wearing the Oculus Rift for the first time tremendously funny and I tweeted a first time porn watching video this morning that was so good it warranted me repeating it here.

Porn Reactions on Oculus from First-Time Virtuality Reality Viewers Watch It!

While we are on the Oculus Rift merry go round there’s a guy called Mark Iplier who does the BEST Oculus Rift game reviews, especially the horror ones. Here is him playing Affected

Jackskepticeye does brilliant Oculus reviews too but I’m certain I’ve talked about him before and there are a plethora of funny first time Oculus Rift users riding virtual roller coaster videos out there too. Enjoy

Hello! My lovely blog I have been neglecting you, hugs.

I’m a huge fan of podcasts, as regular readers will know so I thought I’d update the my list of awesome ear learning and fun (and often both at the same time) with some I don’t think I’ve mentioned before.

(As an aside I have previously mentioned my shift to Android and away from all things Apple. So if you are looking for an alternative to iTunes or an Android solution for podcasts my favourite apps are doubletwist and podcast addict).

Wilosophy As the name suggests it’s hosted by Wil Anderson, who does have a habit of talking over his guests. But it’s interesting and sometimes funny. And did I mention Wil Anderson? (lol, bit of a fan). He gets people he finds interesting in and asks them what their philosophy is, as well as long, fascinating, rambling conversations. I recommend the episodes with Karl Kruszelnicki, Judith Lucy, Pink Beecroft and Todd Sampson.

All in The Mind is an ABC Radio National show and this is the podcast of it (if you are new to podcasts many are recordings of radio shows which is an excellent way of catching up on missed episodes and picking up on shows outside your listening range). It covers topics to do with the mind, brain and in their words the mental universe. My favorite episodes lately are on dreaming and the mind body connection but practically ALL of them are good.

The Bugle is the product of John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman. It’s a weekly satirical news show, you might know John from his work with The Daily Show etc. It’s been around forever, is consistently excellent and very funny. As a regionally applicable taster they talked about Australians a while ago, which made the news here.

Nerdzilla is two Hobart boys talking all things geeky and nerdy. Movies, comics, gadgets and computers are all fair game and they are very good presenters and excellent geeks.

NPR Invisibilia is a new podcast from the NPR stable and in their words “explores the intangible forces that shape human behavior – things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions” and so far has been very cool. The latest episode, Batman, is like a book that you can’t put down. Not about the cartoon character but about people living with blindness and one person in particular. You should listen to it. Really.

I haven’t mentioned Serial because I think everyone in the known universe will have heard about it 🙂 Another new one that I haven’t tried yet but am going to try is The Allusionist, it sounds like one of those interesting ones.


In light of a coldsore and recent condom break I thought it might be useful to put down my STI policy for when things go wrong.

I practice safer sex, always. I say safer sex because there is no thing as 100% safe sex. Condoms, prophylactics and contraceptives all have failure rates. Condoms have been reported to have breakage rates of 0.4-0.8% by experienced users, here and here for example. I estimate that I’d use about 400 condoms/year (not all for vaginal, anal or oral sex, granted, but most would be) and using those statistics that should equal about 2-3 breaks per year. In 2014 I had one so I’m doing well. Yay me!

I also choose to have (based on advice from my GP and my Sexual Health clinic nurse) STI screening every 3 months. This is also a legal requirement for working in Victoria. I am also vaccinated against Hepatitis B and HPV.

I do suffer from coldsores (HSV 1) and if I feel one coming on, or have an active blister I do not take full service bookings and let non sexual booking clients know. If I have had something go wrong, such as a condom failure I get some additional testing done besides my normal 3 monthly tests. I have one test done fairly quickly to let the affected client know my status at that time (although this time I had the testing done for chlamydia and gonorrhoea at 1.5 weeks). I then have a follow up test at 6 weeks to get the all clear and then resume 3 monthly testing. Why get tested again at 6 weeks you say? STI window periods people! Most testing is looking at your bodies levels of antibodies against infection and your body can take time to produce these. Chlamydia and gonorrhoea might take up to 1-2 weeks before reliably showing, syphilis and HIV can take up to 6 weeks. So I let all clients know my situation when booking before this 6 week test has been done (which frankly is a huge pain in the ass but I respect that you put your trust in me) and it is their choice to see me or wait until test results, and treatment if necessary, is complete.

The window period is really important. If you think you have been exposed to an STI by all means get tested the next day if that helps you feel better but please, please have a follow up test. The first one might have missed something.


Well this is the post I wanted to write for Movember. It’s now December. Sorry about that but we got here in the end.

I think the reason I’ve been procrastinating about this was that I really didn’t know how to write it. So I won’t, but I will quote and link to those who are more articulate than me on two topics that I love and remind me of ways to cherish myself and others.

It’s ok to be broken and put back together, it’s ok to not be perfect. Until something has been broken and repaired you don’t really understand it completely or visualise its strength. I have mentioned before (probably on twitter) my enjoyment of Kintsugi. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery using gold or other precious metals, so that rather than hiding the damage it is celebrated as being part of the history of the piece and it becomes more beautiful than the original. I was lucky enough to be gifted a lovely piece of Kintsugi and the artist included a card that I’d like to quote from

When we view our lives as being of great worth, yet sometimes broken or even shattered, we begin to understand that no matter the trauma, despair, hurt, fear, abuse, failure, addiction, disease, and even death, our scars and wounds are just part of us. As we do, we also must look at those breaks as a place for beauty to transpire for the skilled hands of repair to fill with gold. Each time, we must see we are more beautiful for being broken.

I love this video by Nerdwriter1 that gives a brilliant outline of Kintsugi too.

And an excerpt of very nice writing (thank you to the kind gent that shared it with me)

…Break a vase, and the love that reassembles the fragments is stronger than the love which took its symmetry for granted when it was whole…

Derek Walcott, The Antilles: Fragments of Epic Memory

So if being broken and repaired can have beauty and positivity then there is a strength in opening ourselves up to this idea and letting ourselves be vulnerable. To let ourselves be vulnerable to showing our flaws (real and perceived) and emotions is needed to make those human connections that we crave.

Brené Brown has a great Ted Talk on the power of vulnerability and the awesome Cyndi Darnell has written a great blog post on vulnerability, emotions and relationships (I’ve probably posted these before but they are so good they bear repeating).

Some mildly nerdy things, mostly apps and a few zombies, that are amusing me lately.

Zombie Run. This is the best! I think I actually heard about this on the radio talking about augmented reality apps. This one motivates/keeps you interested while running. It has a storyline soundtrack that puts you into a zombie apocalypse. Nothing like having the undead coming after you to motivate you into moving. I’m using the 5K version at the moment.

I might have mentioned my lovely Pebble watch – totally love tracking things, and the Misfit app is the best of all I’ve tried for tracking steps/activity and sleep. But best of all are the watchfaces that give an alert that your phone has gone out of bluetooth range and the phone finder app. I now have a lost phone avoidance mechanism strapped to my wrist!

My main phone was an iPhone that was held together with chewing gum and string. So I’ve made the jump now both and my phones are droid. Ohhh can you hear the serenity? Maybe I should do a post later just on my favourite droid apps? Now all I need to do is get rid of the abomination that is iTunes. The only thing keeping me wedded to it is 5 season of the Walking Dead that are trapped by DRM (suggestions gratefully received!)

If you are a gamer or a music type or, gasp!, both check this out. Song exploder is a podcast that breaks down and explores the creation and construction of songs. This episode features Brian Reitzall who breaks down some music he made for a game called Watch Dogs, the scoring of a video game soundtrack is fascinating.

I think introverts are fantastic, mainly because I am one 🙂 Actually Corrine is less introverted than the real me but that is a topic for a lengthy conversation with a psychiatrist I suspect and not one for here, as interesting as it is.

Here’s a TED talk on the power of introverts which I’m adding to my must watch list. Right after I catch up on the Walking Dead. Priorities!

Income insurance companies like to get all up in your sexy business, if you apply for income insurance the initial quote form may not mention it but a later application form will often ask have you paid for sex: Yes/No based on the assumption that all sex workers are filthy harbingers of disease and the downfall of modern society.

I do understand their thought process behind this, they are providing insurance for loss of income and therefore they want to know anything that may impact on your working ability, and this covers many things including HIV/AIDS, but I would question their actuarial research abilities as all the research I’ve seen is that sex workers in Australia have lower STI rates than the general public and safer sex practices can be quite effective.

So out of my own curiosity and blessed with the powers of an internet search engine I decided to collate a little list of what providers use what wording with regards to pay for sex (they are generally very interested in your male to male anal sex proclivities too but that is another topic for another time as is the choice of some insurers to not provide cover to sex workers at all).

The following companies rather delightfully insist on using the prostitute term because they are so up with the times:


Have you ever engaged in unprotected male to male anal sexual activity or worked as or engaged the services of a prostitute?
If yes to any of these questions, please provide details

(Note: What details they would like I don’t know, a blow by blow account of every encounter perhaps?)

Kinetic Superannuation

In the last five years, ever engaged in unprotected anal intercourse (except in a relationship between you and one other person only where that person is not known or suspected to be HIV positive and/or injects non-prescribed drugs) or worked as or engaged the services of a prostitute?

IOOF and Australian Super

To the best of your knowledge, is there any possibility that you have ever been infected with or have you ever tested positive to AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) or hepatitis or are you in a high-risk category (for example injected drugs other than as prescribed by a medical practitioner, shared needles, engaged in unprotected male to male sexual intercourse, worked as or engaged the services of a prostitute)?

Avant and CBUS

Have you EVER shared a needle or syringe for the injection of any drug, engaged in male to male anal sexual activity or worked as or engaged in sexual activity with a prostitute or someone you know or suspect to be HIV positive?

AON Mastertrust Corporate Super

Aids Declaration

I hereby declare… since 1980, I have not used intravenous drugs, I have not engaged in male to male anal sexual activity and I have not worked as or had sexual intercourse with a prostitute

These ones at least recognise the term sex worker:


Have you ever: …

• worked as a sex worker or engaged in sexual intercourse with a paid sex worker or intravenous drug user…

BT Lifetime SuperNetwealth and AIA

In the past 5 years have you:…

• worked as a sex worker or had sex without a condom with a sex worker…


In the last 3 years, are you aware of any HIV risk situation to which you or any of your sexual partners may have been exposed?
Note: HIV risk situations include but are not limited to:
– sex with or as a sex worker

But can we all give a hand clap for the following who at least recognise the value of safer sex practices for both clients and workers and define risk accordingly:

AON MastertrustGESB, SunSuper, AGI and Onepath

In the past 5 years have you
• had sex without a condom with a sex worker or as a sex worker
(And answering yes to this or other questions requires you to fill in a further health form)

MLCPerpetual and Virgin Money

In the last three years, are you aware of any HIV risk situation to which you or any of your sexual partners may have been exposed?

Note: HIV risk situations include but are not limited to: …
• sex without a condom with a sex worker

Another thing to keep in mind is that almost universally if you answer Yes to these questions you will need to provide further details in some form or other.

I am a little bit fascinated with people who have a second identity, name or persona (because I get how good they can be I guess). The This American Life podcast has an episode on secret identities and it’s pretty good, though I don’t condone bank robberies or murder but the wearing of tiger mascot costumes is ok!

Here’s a link to episode #506 

Finally I have added cuddle sessions as a booking option. They are similar in content to social bookings and will have the same rate, clothed, non sexual, no more than light kissing but are for hugging and snuggling and cuddling. Curling up under the doona and spooning or nestled up together on the couch. Arms wrapped around each other. I’m so looking forward to being able to offer this 🙂

Also, I mentioned in passing on twitter that anyone who can snaffle me a ticket to Heston Blumenthals restaurant in Melbourne will get either a free dinner/play date if you want to dine with me or a 2 hour full booking for free! There is a ballot for tickets between 9.00am Wednesday, 8 October 2014 to 11.59pm Sunday, 26 October 2014. Nom nom nom

I’m back! Well I hadn’t gone far in the physical sense but I had been stuck at my desk for a few weeks and so apologies for all of the unavailability, unanswered calls and texts and missed emails. I’m thinking of celebrating by taking a road trip around Tas. Launceston, Devonport and possibly the west coast. Stay tuned!

Feminism confuses me terribly. As an engineer I am so grateful for those who went before me and fought for equality so that I could work in a male dominated industry (although it still has it’s challenges). And I am thankful for all those who work to change society so ladies have or one day will have equal access to justice, pay, health, business, life. But then there are feminists who say I am unable to give consent, I have no agency over my decisions and essentially I am nothing more than a cloth eared bint*. And then there are feminists who don’t recognise trans women. And now there is the #womenagainstfeminism movement and I can’t even.
How about this. How someone looks, is built, where they were born or anything that is determined by genetics or nature should have NO FUCKING BEARING AT ALL on what their opportunities are, what their pay rate is and the response to any legal issues they may have. And if you are lucky enough to not have to fight for these things than say thank you to those who did it for you.
*Bonus points if you recognise the Basil Fawlty reference

*Update to the whole Molluscum thing. A bit of conflicting advice now on the length of being contagious. But never fear a simple work around that has the big thumbs up from the clinic nurse and makes me feel much better is to cover the area with a clear dressing. I’ll do this for a while.

Well this is news. Early this week I had two ingrown hair on my pubic area, nothing unusual. Got the hairs out, the little bumps resolved and life continued. Then this morning I woke up to find two small red bumps had come up in the same spot plus one new one. So what does a sex worker do? Cancelled my morning booking and trotted straight down to my lovely sexual health clinic for a checkup. The decision was that the bumps were Molluscum Contagiousum, which is not an STI as such but are transmitted by skin contact, and which were treated by freezing with liquid nitrogen.
From SA Health…

Molluscum contagiosusm is a common skin infection caused by the molluscipoxvirus.
The virus is transmitted by direct skin-to-skin contact where there are minor breaks in the skin and is most common in children. The virus can also be transmitted sexually when it affects the genital area.
The virus causes small, usually 2 to 5 mm, painless, pink or pearly white lumps on the skin. The top of the lump is indented and contains a white core. The infection is not serious, as it only affects the skin and will disappear without treatment although this may take several months. Individual lumps often disappear after about 2 months, but often there will be more than one lump and they will not all disappear until 6 to 9 months. There are no long-term ill effects following molluscum contagiosum. People who are immune suppressed may have more lesions and these may take longer to clear up.

The advice I was given was as mine were very new and tiny the freezing treatment was enough and I can continue to work although I will have red marks for a week or two. However rather than choosing to continue working I will fully disclose this to clients before the booking and they can make their own decision on whether they would like to cancel/reschedule until the freeze marks have gone or not. From the clinic I was given this information and SWOP has the following sex worker specific info
I could easily choose to say nothing and I guarantee you wouldn’t notice but I’m an honest lass 🙂

I’m well again! My immune system is not a fan of airports and airplanes it seems but I’m back and bouncy now.
One thing that helped, maybe not in a scientific medical way but in a made me feel good way, was a yoga workout designed for when you aren’t feeling well. It’s brilliant! Highly recommend it, and if you are thinking I’m too [insert your excuse noun here] for yoga then just think of it as breathing and stretching. Simples!

This is a long overdue post but better late than never, hey?

Some of us had been having a conversation about the restrictions some internet based companies put on escorts using their websites or services. It doesn’t bother me too much, they are free to choose who and what they want to allow on their turf (although their assumptions about escort/adult services are another matter!) but some of you were surprised or found it interesting so I thought I would put together a little list of internet real estate big names from which I am banned.

Paypal You may not use the PayPal service for activities that: relate to sales of… certain sexually oriented materials or services

Google ads Google AdWords doesn’t allow the promotion of escort services, prostitution, or other adult sexual services.

LinkedIn Don’t undertake the following: Upload, post, email, InMail, transmit or otherwise make available or initiate any content that: Even if it is legal where you are located, create profiles or provide content that promotes escort services or prostitution.

Squarespace (to be fair to them it’s not just ho’s they don’t like sex at all) You will not publish Content, or links to Content, that is: Pornographic, sexually explicit, or violent.

Pinterest You aren’t allowed to post anything that: Is sexually explicit or pornographic, exploits or presents minors in a sexual way, or promotes adult sexual services

CCBill CCBill will not process for websites selling escort services or in which fees for services are displayed.

Also website and email hosting is a nightmare, this is just off the top of my head a couple of the many that I came across

Bluehost No Subscriber may utilize the Services to provide, sell or offer to sell the following: pornography, nudity, sexual products, programs or services; escort services or other content deemed adult related.

Weebly These types of sites are not allowed on Weebly: Adult:  involving nudity in a sexual context, exposed genitalia or adult themes… Illegal Content:  content which may be illegal in the United States (this illegal in the US clause is really common)

And then you get wishy washy clauses such as in MelbourneIT’s terms Other Activities – Engaging in activities, whether lawful or unlawful, that Melbourne IT or its Supplier respectively, may determine to be harmful to the subscribers, operations, reputation, goodwill, or customer relations of either Melbourne IT or its Supplier. It would only take one complaint and I’d be looking for a new host under this policy I suspect.

And if you are a porn star or reside in the US the ability to get a merchant bank account, any bank account, or any online service at the same price as the rest of us is nigh on impossible.


After much thought and consideration I have decided to share with you all a dangerous, dark and dirty secret. Be prepared, it’s not for the faint of heart or a delicate disposition so please proceed with caution.

A recipe for an instant chocolate cake in a cup! It’s verrrrrrrry addictive but it’s also verrrrrrry good and super quick and easy.
Here we go:
1/4 cup flour (50 g)
1/4 cup sugar (70 g)
2 Tbsp (13 g) cocoa (natural, unsweetened)
Pinch of salt
Tiny pinch of cinnamon
1/4 cup water (60 ml)
2 Tbsp canola oil or vegetable oil (NOT extra virgin olive oil, it’s too strongly flavored)
1 to 2 drops vanilla extract
1 small scoop of ice cream or 1 or 2 teaspoons heavy whipping cream to serve
In a microwave proof coffee cup mix all the dry ingredients.
Add all the wet ingredients (except the cream/ice cream) and mix until there are no lumps.
Microwave for 1 minute and 40 seconds.
Add cream or icecream if you want , eat and make nom nom nom noises.

I’ve played around with the recipe and it’s nice with walnuts or a bit of chilli powder mixed in and I usually use less sugar than that. If you want to make it a bit healthier I’ve also made it without the oil, just replace the quantity of oil with extra water. It will be rubbery but still taste chocolately good. I think swapping out the flour for almond meal and adding some Frangelico might be interesting too.
Thanks to Simply Recipes for the original recipe.

I had a little meltdown on twitter lately in relation to a series of ads that have been running in The Mercury. I’ve been reflecting on it over the weekend and this is my more considered response.

This is the ad…

For a bit of back story on the Family Protection Society this is not a new thing for them. In 2010 they were forced to apologise for running a different ad claiming sex work harms women and breaks up marriages. I’ve also seen another of their ads with “sex work harms the whole family- especially children” and there are others, you can see the theme.

However this ad really bit me hard. They can think what they like of me, in fact I think a voice of dissent can be a healthy thing in society and I don’t begrudge them the right to their own opinion although I don’t think running these types of ads in the paper, with no facts, references or follow up information, are particularly conducive to a robust discussion. All people I’ve talked to outside the industry aren’t swayed by this shallow argument but it does contribute to the stigmatised stereotype of sex work.

But what really upset me is the inference that my clients, clients with disabilities and people with disabilities in general are so weak and fragile that they have no ability to consent or to protect themselves from harmful influences. I think this is incredibly insulting. Just because someone may have different levels of abilities to you does not mean you must treat them as children.

So yes, I was upset. But then I thought what kind of life must these people be living to have this type of mindset. What troubles must they have seen and what fears drive them to reach this conclusion? I can’t conceive what stress they must be under and so to the people of the Family Protection Society I give you my pity. I am sorry you are living in a world of fear and mistrust. And I hope you can manage to find the road to peace and solace.



I’ve been getting a few questions and comments lately that made me want to write this post on what is ok and what is not ok when you are contacting me.

First off, I don’t bite and and I’m pretty hard to offend but I do maintain a block list of contact details of people I won’t respond to. So here is a quick summary:

Things that are completely OK

  • Starting off by saying “I’m nervous”, or “I haven’t done this before”, being nervous and aware of it is a good thing and we all have to start somewhere
  • “Could you help me with a smoking fetish”, “I don’t want sex, just companionship”, “I want you to take the lead”, “I want you to do xxx” or “can I do yyy?” Honest questions are always ok and if xxx and yyy aren’t listed on my website then feel free to check and if they are listed but you want clarification then that’s fine too.
  • Interactions to develop a rapport before a planned booking or for you to decide if I am to your taste.

Things that I may find annoying (if I am busy, tired or in a chocolate deficient state then I may not answer or give others preference)

  • Text messages that require me to ask more questions than what I answer. For example “I’d like to see you”, “ru free”. When (day and time), where (incall or outcall), what (type of experience, preferences, massage or full service) are all things that I need to know before this conversation continues.
  • Text messages and voicemails at ridiculous hours. I don’t take same day booking requests after 6pm and I need at least 2 hours notice, schedule dependent, for a same day booking. And I am a living human being who requires sleep so no I am not on call at 3am, I feel I am being very flexible in offering availability 12 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Saying “I saw your website, what are your… services/rates/hours/can I have a picture/where are you based”. This information is easily available on the very website you are claiming to have gotten my contact details from. Do your research, this will ensure you find the experience that you are looking for.
  • Not confirming a planned booking. Once we have agreed on a booking I will give you a confirmation process to follow, this process is part of my screening and discretion protocol and is not negotiable. (Some of my regulars will not be required to confirm).

Things that are not ok and will mean I will block you

  • Repeatedly doing any of the things that annoy me or any other behaviour that I have asked to cease.
  • Using emails, phone calls or text messages to get off. By this I mean you are going beyond asking honest questions or establishing a connection. This is things like “tell me how you will do xxx and then what will you do etc etc”. This is what I mean by not providing a free phone sex line, this has gone beyond enquiry and is into the enacting of what we would be doing in a booking as a means of gratification.
  • Not turning up to a confirmed booking. This is an instant block, always, without exceptions.
  • Making rude, derogatory or misogynistic comments. And while it is a rarity I will point out that intimidating or threatening a sex worker is an offence under Section 7 of the Sex Industry Offences Act 2005.

Hope this helps xx

I’m thinking of offering a snuggle/cuddle service. Kind of a cross between my social and massage services, just platonic company and cuddles, and so I’d be offering it a much cheaper rate. What do you think?

This post was inspired by two things, a group of teenage girls buying condoms at the supermarket who didn’t know condoms came in different sizes (Education Department seriously, what are you teaching them!) and a wonderfully patient and lovely client who started me on the female condom journey.
So condoms.
Yes they do come in sizes. If you read the packet you will notice that they will say something like Nominal Width 56mm. Condom sizes are all about width, because they unroll the length measurement doesn’t matter. Nominal width is how wide near the opening they are when laid out flat and unstretched. While most guys can comfortably use any of the regular sizes it’s important to know if you need to move up or down the size scale. Too tight and they will be uncomfortable and may restrict ejaculation, and possibly increase the risk of them tearing. Too loose and they may slip or allow semen to leak out.
There are lots of brands and types but here are some of the commonly available condoms and their nominal width:
Glyde Slimfit 49mm
Ansell Lifestyles Form Fit 52mm
Ansell Zero 52mm
Durex B Close 52.5mm
Ansell Lifestyles Ultra Thin 53mm
Hero Regular 53mm
Skyn Original 53mm
Ansell Lifestyles Regular 54mm
Naked Classic 54mm
Ansell Zero LRGR 55mm
Durex Natural Feel 56mm
Durex Regular 56mm
Glyde Maxi 56mm
Skyn Large 56mm
Ansell Lifestyles Large 58mm
Naked Larger 60mm
The Glydes are usually the ones that are given out for free at clinics and can be bought in bulk. The Skyns are latex free which is essential if either partner has a latex allergy or sensitivity, I prefer them because I can get a mild thrush if I’m using a lot of latex condoms (also I think they taste nicer!).
I had a rummage through my drawer and these are the condoms I had to hand (seriously! it even surprised me but a good sex worker will have options for any eventuality) from smallest to largest. I also put their packaging in shot so if you want to try a particular size you’ll be able to recognize them quickly in the shop, but I don’t have them ALL (they’re not Pokemon!) so it’s just a guide.

And here’s a picture of the smallest and biggest together to give an idea of the size range

I have a few tips for using condoms too. When you are ripping open the wrapper feel through the packaging, squish the condom inside across to one side and then tear along the edge that the condom has been pushed away from, if you just tear down the middle you might damage the condom. If you accidentally put it on inside out then throw it out, you can’t just turn it over and put it on in case you have gotten pre-cum on the outside. Also if you are playing with the penis before putting the condom on either clean your hands or use the one hand for the penis and the other hand for the condom rule, again so you don’t accidentally get pre-cum on the outside. And yes it is possible to get a condom on a flaccid or semi erect penis, use your mouth! I use both hands to get the condom on the tip of the penis and then use my mouth to hold it there (you’ll need to suck) which leaves both hands free to roll the condom down, this is useful because you can get pre-cum and ejaculate from a flaccid penis. Condoms for fellatio? Yes! Gonorrhea and Chlamydia can both be transmitted via the throat along with a few other bugs. Condoms for anal sex? Even more yes! And if you like anal play with fingers but don’t have any gloves to hand you can just slip your fingers in a condom and play away.
If the condom is getting a lot of vigorous action or has bumped against teeth or fingernails I would stop and replace it. Lube is also important for vaginal and always for anal sex because friction really increases the risk of tearing.
Condoms are not the only option. Female condoms or Femidoms are another. As the name suggests they are made for the woman to wear internally.

They aren’t as common as male condoms but they have a couple of advantages that might make them worth a try. They are latex free although check the packaging if you have an allergy just to be sure. And they might give a different sensation for guys who really, really, really don’t like wearing condoms or feel they reduce sensation to the point of hampering orgasm. The downside is they are tricky to put in which can put a dampener on the mood (although they can be inserted in advance and worn for a while), you have to keep a close watch that the penis stays inside and the opening of the Femidom sits outside the vaginal opening which is not that glamorous to look at and might not be great for cunnilingus. This is a nice video of how to insert a Femidom, I would recommend getting a couple more than you’ll think you’ll need so you can practice beforehand and use lube on the penis. You can get Femidoms from Family Planning Tasmania (let Google be your friend outside Tas or to find online suppliers).
Dental Dams are not a condom replacement but a useful addition to the safer sex toolkit.

They are a silicon sheet that can be placed over the vulva or anus for oral sex (cunnilingus and rimming). As mentioned above yes STIs can be transmitted through oral sex or it may be preferred from a hygiene perspective. You can get dams from Sexual Health Service Tasmania (let Google be your friend outside Tas or to find online suppliers). If you can’t find any (or are into DIY) they are easy to make from a condom. Unroll the condom and use some scissors to cut the tip off then make a cut down the length of the condom, voila, you have yourself a square of latex to use as a dam. To use them pop a little bit of lube on the skin the dam is going over, then lay the dam over, hold it down and off you go. Simples!
And unless you practice abstinence there is no such thing as safe sex, only safer sex so be brave and get tested. I recommend Sexual Health Service Tasmania, in Hobart they have a walk in clinic on Thursdays or you can make an appointment anytime and they have clinics across the state. Family Planning Tasmania are also good and don’t forget your GP.


Magic! Love a good magic trick, I’m quite happy to suspend belief while someone redirects my attention 🙂
Here are some dogs that are fooled by magic which is a) cute and b) indicative of me having a canine level IQ :p
I can happily watch David Blaine on tv for hours. Or for laughs what about a David Blaine parody.
Mentalism magic is always good.
And a really simple and sweet illusion.

If you are, or have the capacity to be, in Sydney on April 10 Touching Base are having a fundraising lunch. Touching Base is a fantastic organisation and one that is dear to my heart and any support anyone can give is appreciated. They will also be inaugurating their new patrons: The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG, Eva Cox AO, Professor Basil Donovan, Associate Professor Helen Meekosha, and Peter Woods OAM (some big names there!) and will have a private screening of award-winning short film ‘The Gift’ (which I have had the privilege of seeing and it is excellent).

If you would like to go there is a flyer with a link to purchase tickets here (general tickets are $130) or if you would like to learn more about Touching Base head over to their website.

I’ve been thinking a little about the Swedish model (and no that’s not some leggy blonde, it’s the legal model that criminalises clients of sex workers). Advocates of this approach claim it will keep me safe and reduce social problems around sex and sexuality they feel the sex industry is related to. Indeed in 2012 a call for written submissions from organisations and the general public on potential reforms to the Tasmanian Sex Industry Offences Act 2005 garnered over 100 responses with the majority supporting that my clients be criminalised for seeking my services.

To me it seems like a very simplistic approach to the wrong end of the problem so let’s do a little simplistic thought experiment. Instead of being a sex worker let’s say instead that I sell coffee. And let’s say a new law is bought in that allows me to continue to sell coffee but it is illegal for people to buy it from me. Now, coffee making is my business and it is this business that I enjoy and more importantly pays my mortgage and my bills. I am very good at making coffee in many styles and have continued to improve my coffee making skills. My customers are my business, without people buying my coffee I have no business and I would prefer to not to have to find new employment or start another business in another field. So the obvious solution is for me to protect my clients, if they are criminalised for buying my coffee then I will need to find a way for them to discretely buy my coffee without getting caught. I will have to avoid police, I will have to move around, I will have to remove all links between me, my coffee shop and my coffee business so clients cannot be traced and friends and family members are not mistakenly targeted. I will no longer tell any support services I currently make use of (business advisors, other coffee sellers, coffee security providers, coffee health advisors and providers of safe coffee supplies etc) that I am continuing to sell coffee under the new law. I will have to implement a system that allows clients to contact me while not enabling them to be identified. Even just writing this I am feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable. If I ever had an issue with a client or needed help I cannot see how I would deal with this without risking my business. Any suggestions?

This is a UK based debate but it features a proponent and opponent of the client criminalisation model and gives a snapshot of their thinking (Note the UK legislation is similar to the current laws in Tasmania)

I often get asked what I like with regards to sex. My usual answer is ‘it depends’. Which is a wishy washy non-committal kind of response, I know. Sex is an ever changing dance between two or more people and that is one of the things that captivates me the most. I never feel the same energy levels, motivations, thoughts from one day to the next and my responses to stimuli, motivators and moods are just as fluid. So really, my sexual desires to shift with the breeze but wouldn’t it get boring otherwise? So how can I say I really enjoy myself if a client has booked me a week in advance for something very specific? What if I’m not feeling like that particular act that day? That, dear reader, is why I am good at my job and why I take time to prepare for a booking. With practice (oh so much practice!)and an almost meditative approach I visialise the fun and joy of the upcoming booking and I will be all kinds of in the mood when the time comes. And when it’s time to finish I can switch off and go back to my own headspace for the day, and that is one of the differences between seeing a sex worker and spending time with a partner.

Hi! (waves)

I’ve been a bit busy and have been neglecting my blog so I thought maybe just a quick update on what’s rolling around in my grey matter:

Photoshoot! I’m having some new professional photos taken very very soon, such excitement! And I’m thinking I might redesign my website and revamp my ads at the same time so much is happening that involves me sitting at a desk looking very office like and efficient (I say looking as not really achieving much efficiency haha)

Crappy TV – The Walking Dead is back with the second half of season 4, oh I do love me a good zombie. I’m also liking a series on SBS called Orphan Black. Plus the usual reality tv of which I am ashamed and we shall not mention.

Melbourne – regular readers will remember my extreme disgust and loathing of the requirement for sex workers to register to legally work in Victoria (to refresh as a self employed independent worker I am exempt from registration but have to give my full name, residential address and photo ID to be registered on a list of workers exempt from registration. Yes, really.) But it is a womans prerogative to change her mind and as I write  I am banging my head on the desk with frustration at the ineptitude of the relevant government department filling in the forms so I can pop over to Melbourne. Yay!

Have I mentioned calculus? I’m halfway through a uni subject on first year calculus. Just for fun and as a refresher. Loving it 🙂

Getting snippy at blogs – This is quite hypocritical of me as I’m writing in my blog and everyone has every right to blog about whatever the hell they like but I’ve seen some recently that annoy me a little. So this is my reply to those unnamed posts: First Booking an escort though an agency is just one way of finding a quality experience that suits your needs, (although it is not a legal option everywhere, as is the case in Tas), there are many private workers around too and whatever you choose research is the most important point. And if you are a sex worker directory wanting me to pay for the privilege of advertising on your site then I’d kind of expect a little more support. Second. Falling in love is a tricky business but for the love of god if you do start feeling attached don’t listen to advice that assumes/advises that your sex worker of choice automatically has reciprocal feelings. Talk to them about it by all means but the Pretty Woman scenario is a movie script, best to keep that in mind.

Plus I just saw a hawk fly past with a snake in its grasp. Pretty awesome work there Mother Nature. Like your style.

Sexpo! Sexpo is coming! (See what I did there?) It’ll be on in Hobart April 4-6, I’ve not bothered heading interstate for it previously (and I think it’s been here before but I was away) but thought I might pop down and see what sexy things are there. I might run a special on my social rates if you would like a chaperone, what do you think?

For the literati there’s an event coming up on the 15th April that may be of interest, Naked Girls Reading. Pretty much what it says on the tin and looks like fun, here’s a link with more info

Talk soon xx

Time to catch up on some news and what not.

Did you know there is a weekly sex related radio program in Hobart? ‘Sealed For Your Enjoyment’ with Morgan and Alistair on Edge Radio 99.3 FM, Thursday nights at 10pm. It’s brilliant! And if you aren’t in Hobart you can stream it or listen to old episodes here.

And you might just recognise someone who was on it last week (hehe, who could that be now?) I find listening to my voice pretty cringe worthy so I’ve not listened to it yet…

Also did you all know Sexpo will be in Hobart April 4-6? Adult sex fun times and information if that’s your thing down at Princes Wharf.

Is there anything more sensual than a calm beach on a warm day?
A light breeze caressing your neck. The swell of the ocean lifting you up and dropping you down, gently, over and over again. The salty tang on your lips and the sublime shock as you swim through the crisp cool waters and come into a warm patch.
Ahhhhh I am really enjoying the beach today xx


Yes, after humming and ha-ing I’ve decide there are some things I would like that I’d be willing to barter my services for. Now before you all go rummaging through the cupboard to see what you would give up we need to talk about a few things first. These will be business transactions and shall be treated, and negotiated, as such and will generally be my hourly rate for retail cost. Also (everyone say Hi!  to the tax office if they are reading this) as always speak to your accountant/finiancial advisor/bean counter as these are taxable transactions.

So things I would be interested in are:

  • Electrical work*
  • Landscaping*
  • Builder (outside stairs/decks etc)*
  • Lawn mowing/gardening*
  • Car servicing/repairs and possibly some panel beating
  • Artwork (stock or commissioned, but I am fussy so don’t be offended if I say no)
  • Travel vouchers/frequent flier miles
  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • Exceptionally good whisky
  • General house maintenance*

*These are at my personal house not the apartment you all know and love so these are only open to existing clients that I know and trust.

And of course if you happen to be an Agent Provocateur or Christian Louboutin importer then we DEFINITELY need to talk 🙂 Or if you have a product or service I might like feel free to drop me a line. xx

Hello 2014!
It’s going to be a great year, that’s a science fact and you can’t argue with science 😉
There’s a couple of changes in the land of Corrine this year. I won’t be doing half hour outcalls except on rare occasions (existing clients and Touching Base/nursing home clients this doesn’t apply to you). And it looks like I will be doing some life modeling (very excited by this!), if you are an artistic type just ask, obviously my escorting rates don’t apply, and for groups I can look at arranging a venue.